From everyone at Credz we want to thank all Health Care works during this difficult time. One of the driving reasons that Credz was developed was to simplify the credentialing process for medical professionals and organizations. Our start-up envisioned a platform that spanned across Canada that would not only allow credentialing at the local level but allow for medical professionals to be able to cross provincial borders easily.

In response to COVID-19 for Rural Emergency Departments, The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians & The Society of Rural Physicians of Canada recently released 9 recommendations.

The number 1 recommendation was as follow:

  1. National licencing/credentialing: establishment of emergency pan-Canadian licensure of health care workers. Create a standardized national system for rapid / dynamic intra-provincial and cross-provincial regulatory licensing. Improving provincial health authority credentialing and privileging for multiple jurisdictions (rural to urban, urban to rural).

It’s during times like this that we realize how something as small as privileging can have such a huge impact on delivering patient care.

We hope post-pandemic Canada, the provinces and regional authorities can come together to streamline the credentialing process for our dedicated medical professionals.