Why CREDz?

Suffice to say that time is very valuable to professionals. One of the biggest sources for wasted time are paper-based processes. Paper-based processes are prone to mistakes and don’t provide transparency for the professional. Yet still, we depend on paper or form based application processes to renew our professional designations.

Unfortunately, popular social media tools like Facebook and LinkedIn do not provide the level of privacy and authenticity required by professionals to hold their credential information. Without a social platform to trust, there isn’t a means for professionals to share their qualifications with peers, employers and associations.

We aim to change how professionals share their credentials and how this forms their network.

Our platform is an opportunity for professionals to save valuable time, gain visibility, and mitigate risk. We make managing your credentials easy, and sharing them with your network even easier.

Credz simplifies the credential management process


Real-Time Authentication

Professional designations are validated in real-time by authorities that issue certifications.

A credential can be anything that qualifies you as a professional such as; courses and skill training, job placements, licenses and certificates.


The Credz Wallet

Once approved, Cardz are stored in your Credz Wallet where you can view the entire history and the details of the credential at any time.

Cardz and their details can be shared with other organizations and colleagues to prove your qualifications.


The Pre-Req Check

The credentials that you hold are then used by others to ensure your professional qualifications.

The Pre-Req Check is a real-time screening feature that prohibits user access to Authenticated Chat and Credential applications.

Control your privacy and build your network of trust

A new way of protecting your privacy, which ensures you have control!

The Privacy Scale

A powerful privacy system so you can share what you need to, or restrict what you don’t! 
The privacy scale is an intuitive, color-coded indicator that tells you who you’re sharing your information with.  Profile


Before you interact with others, you can quickly scan their qualifications from their profile dashboard.



Authenticated Chat

Now you can Direct Message accredited professionals in groups or individual colleagues, without having to worry if they have the correct qualification requirements.