Why You Need to Simplify for Efficiency and Cost Savings in the Workplace

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The world gets busier every day. More people, more services, and seemingly less time to fit it all in can leave us all running around feeling like we’re never able to check things off our To-Do list. According to a study by Plum, small and medium sized businesses spend as much as 17% of their day on administrative tasks. While we can all appreciate the critical role administrative functions play in managing our businesses regardless of industry, it’s worth considering that these tasks are often fruitless. In other words, they are company overhead. With that in mind, let’s dive deeper into how simplifying administrative tools and processes can elevate any business.  

Save time and money

We all know that “time is money” and, for obvious reasons, the more we save in overhead, the more we can profit. Not only are the soft costs of time spent managing multiple systems a factor, but so are the hard costs of software and salaries (yes, salaries can be considered both soft and hard costs depending on industry and circumstance). Efficiencies can be made by consolidating systems into a single platform, managed by a small team of admin professionals.  

Avoid the confusion

Too often are we met with document version issues and cases of broken telephone in office environments. The more processes, procedures and documents we manage, the more room for human error. Layer these tasks with navigating the complexities of industry regulations such as health and safety, licensing, and financial management makes for full-time work with an emphasis on attention to detail. Again, opting for a more minimalistic approach to managing all these moving parts goes a long way in alleviating the energy (and often worry) spent by administrators and CEOs alike.  

Spend more energy on your clients

MedCity News makes a great suggestion: focus on the patient to improve both satisfaction and outcomes. In this example, if you run a healthcare system like a business, you need to run it efficiently and effectively, not just to manage at the minimum level of care but to thrive. When considering the amount of time administrators and healthcare professionals spend on the stuff we don’t see in – keeping track of license renewals for professionals, managing IT and other assets, scheduling, patient records etc. – a lot of time is spent away from the client relationships of which the business is based. By consolidating a number of these tasks into modern and secure platforms, resources can be redistributed towards the areas that matter.  

No matter where you work, it makes sense to streamline your administrative functions for a more efficient team, better client relationships and a smoother, more profitable business as a whole. Credz offers a one-stop platform that can help you oversee license renewals, asset management and everything in between so that your team out-performs the others while operating with the knowledge that your data is not only secure, but can be managed and presented in a way that is simple enough for anyone to appreciate. Contact us today for more information on how our platform can be customized to suit your needs.

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