The Challenges of Technology in the Construction Industry

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The world is moving at an exponential speed compared to generations past, all because of one thing: technology. The race to the top to improve speed, performance and efficiency has had a snowballing effect and is leaving those who don’t adapt and adopt behind. 

The Construction industry is known to be slow to adopt this kind of change, and not without just cause.  

Costs and Disruptive Implementation

 Costs in the Construction industry might be rising disproportionately compared to others, with dramatic price increases in materials and significant labour shortages leading to higher wages. Understandably, thought leaders would be hesitant to adopt new technologies that could come with increased overhead and soft costs, particularly if not executed correctly. It’s important, however, to consider the savings that can come out of productive changes to an organization.  

Worker Adoption

  It’s one thing to take a step forward and decide on utilizing new technology, and it’s another to get employees or partners on board and use it successfully. A solid change management approach delved out in advance of implementation and communicating with all of those affected goes a long way in ensuring the new tools are not only used but used effectively.  

Health and Safety

As much as technology has accelerated the velocity of business in offices, that too trickles down to the folks working at ground zero. Oftentimes, frontline workers such as those in the Construction industry either don’t have the time or the technological skill set to keep up with their administrative responsibilities. The management of Health and Safety credentials (licensing, WSIB dues, fall protection certification etc.) is, of course, pertinent to the wellbeing of all workers and a legal responsibility of both the employees and the employer. A simplified and user-friendly interface for employees and employers alike to track these vital documents can go a long way in facilitating and streamlining business-critical processes.  

Not sure if layering in new technology is the right fit for your company? We can help. With solid planning and a simplified approach to set up and implementation, you’re sure to have the edge over your competitors, not to mention the peace of mind that nothing is missed. Contact us today – we’re happy to field any questions you might have, from processes to solutions.     

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