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Being able to pull a job together is the core of any business, but without credibility, any company can sink. It takes building good client relationships, consistent marketing (whether that’s word-of-mouth or more formal alternatives) and solid project track records to stay in the good books. According to, approximately 20% of all small businesses fail within the first year and as many as 50% of them will have collapsed by year 5. Some of this can be chalked up to lack of credibility. Below are a few tips on how to keep your business’ credibility in check. 

Build great client relationships

It can feel like a chicken or the egg situation when first starting out: you want to attract new clients, but the company lacks the track record to prove its worth on paper, which might turn away some prospective clients. Keep at it and make as many new connections as possible while tying in examples of work performed at previous jobs. 

Get creative but remain honest.  

Develop a Marketing plan 

This cannot be stressed enough – develop a strong strategic marketing plan, break it down into actionable short-term tasks and stick to it. Without consistency, your company may come off as unorganized, juvenile or even unprofessional. If marketing is a new concept to you and your business partners altogether, don’t be afraid to outsource some marketing tasks, particularly in the early days. Freelancing options such as Fiverr offer a multitude of pricing and experience options so you can find what fits within your business and budgetary needs.  

Stay organized

The administrative to-dos often go overlooked by new and established businesses alike. They’re time-consuming and often resource hogs that can take away from the core business efforts. Do what you can to simplify these processes, whether that means outsourcing some tasks, hiring an extra set of hands or upgrading to better software or subscription services. When your team is on top of it, clients notice.  

No matter the age of your company, credibility is a key ingredient in ensuring its success. 

It’s important not to lose sight of the seemingly little things that keep your business ticking – stay on top of the paperwork, get ahead of timelines and be consistent throughout all operations. Your core offerings can shine on when you have the tools and supporting consultants to keep your back-end in tip-top shape!  

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